Taliban Interview Goes Wrong - YouTube

via Now that's selective Racism :P As long as there is no bomb blasting in the background, the dude is all clear! ...via ɱ

Santa has a lot of work to do

With population on Earth already crossed 7 billion, Santa has a lot of work to do. But thanks to Siri he has it all under control ;) Related articles Google and NORAD Santa tracking 2011 ( Siri meets Santa ( Santa Meets Siri - Happy Holidays from Apple! ( Apple ad: Santa Siri hits the airwaves ( Could Siri really help Santa? (   ... ɱ ...from mS muLog

Got a lot done

Thank God for examinations . If it wasn't for examination time, I don't know when I would get the pending work over with. Following is just 3 things that I got done over a day & just a bit more when my 1st semester examination was just 2 days away: Got a YOURLS instal up and running on - Half of the purpose of buying the domain was to use it as a personal URL Shortener . And not exactly liking the thought that might render previously shortened URLs useless in case I didn't renew the domain. I am not completely sure if that's how it works, but just wasn't ready to take the risk. Installed WordPress .org on . Yes! I wanted a domain for myself as a personal place, but was simply too excited to try out the WordPress install since Day 1 of buying it on the night of December 30, 2010. I got around to the install on December 07, 2011. What a time lag! :P There were some financials that n

Another loss to India, thanks to Indian Government!

Indian Government in its bid to do something (wonder what) shifted the natives from their own habitat to new places! Now Go Figure! :( ... ɱ ...from mS muLog

Animator Vs. Animation

Deadlier than before! ... ɱ ...from mS muLog

Dream BIG

my DReaM is big enough!! is yours?? ... ɱ ...from mS muLog