Got a lot done

Thank God for examinations.

If it wasn't for examination time, I don't know when I would get the pending work over with.

Following is just 3 things that I got done over a day & just a bit more when my 1st semester examination was just 2 days away:

  1. Got a YOURLS instal up and running on - Half of the purpose of buying the domain was to use it as a personal URL Shortener. And not exactly liking the thought that might render previously shortened URLs useless in case I didn't renew the domain. I am not completely sure if that's how it works, but just wasn't ready to take the risk.
  2. Installed on Yes! I wanted a domain for myself as a personal place, but was simply too excited to try out the WordPress install since Day 1 of buying it on the night of December 30, 2010. I got around to the install on December 07, 2011. What a time lag! :P
  3. There were some financials that needed to be worked out ever since a trip to Bengaluru in October 2011 for SAP TechEd Bangalore 2011. Finally the calculations have been done, sums receivable have been defined, snapshot of Pages'08 taken, and mailed to paying parties, and now only payments are left to be received. Thats expected to happen only after the examinations though.

Last year, in December out semester examinations were a bit later than this time. But that was the time that I got the best deal I had seen on a domain name.

  1. I bought ₹75/- only in the midst of my 1st semester examinations. The cheapest you can get ;) at least in 2010!
  2. I won a New Year's competition by a new Domain & Hosting provider, which entitled me to a .in domain and hosting for a year. And that competition lead to more business - money flowing from my end to his end - and relationship building.

P. S. Looking for suggestions here. I think I would like to move YOURLS install from a subdirectory to the root directory for directly using as Should I?

P. P. S. I am not sure if I want the WordPress install at a WordPress subdirectory either. It is a temporary place for install for sure, but thinking if I should move it to root OR another subdirectory? I sure don't want a directory like "blog", looking for an innovative-creative name! Even weird would do! :) I came up with 'recordings', but that sounds like a vocal record ;) Not my piece of cake any day!


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