Metro's Voice Woes

So the voice systems have gone crazy!
At least that's how it seems at the Janak Puri West Metro Station's Platform 1.

It has not made 1 proper announcement for the trains towards Anand Vihar or NOIDA in the last 15 minutes of wait here. Just a minute back they announced 'train with destination to Anand Vihar is going to enter platform 1', this when the train had already closed its door and was on its way ahead!

They are announcing it properly for the trains in the other direction. Did we, the commuters to NOIDA-Ashok Vihar do something evil??

Hope they forgive us, and fix it!
But I can assure you it wasnt me!

Please fix the problem!
It gives a wrong idea to people like me, who are on the run to catch there train, and estimate their ETA for the right traing from far-far away!


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