"Why the hell do I?"...

An interesting post I found on GurmatBibek.com, written by Bhai Kulbir Singh jee (Toronto)...

Bernard Shaw used to tell a story about his father, whom he was delighted to watch shaving everyday. One day the five year old Shaw looked up and asked the old man "Daddy, why do you shave?"

The father looked at his small son for a full minute and then threw the razor out of the window, saying, "Why the hell do I?" He never did again.

Sunday Tribune, dated 6th December, 1970 (Editorial)

Bernard Shaw too maintained full beard all his life and did not shave. Hopefully, our misled brothers and sisters who still cut their hair and shave would be as sensible as Shaw's father.

Kulbir Singh

Taken from www.GurmatBibek.com

Dhan Hai Guru! Dhan Hai Teree Sikhee!

This might just give those all who are cutting their beards and/or clear their heads(pun intended) a thing to think about!!

Think again before doing it again!!


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