Importance of Grip on Management - a Lesson Learnt thanks to Baba Ramdev

What happened at Ram Lila Grounds?
Why did government act in such a way against Ramdev?
Why did Ramdev make such a high jump?

What did Ramdev do wrong which lead police to ask him to move out of Delhi? It was a perfect plot against government to make them stand and listen up, following directly in the footsteps of Anna Hazare; what made his plan go wrong awry and make such a chaos?


The reason why it went haywire is because he didn’t have proper control over his management

When your top management signs a letter / affidavit / a legalized document you can and (as seen) will be held responsible for the agreement done on a signed paper. Well I guess it’s justified!

In India, or for that matter I guess in any country, politicians are regarded as a bad breed; as evil doers, evil people who want to just fill up their pockets and not worry about anything remotely national or of national interest

Making a deal before starting his "SatyaGrah" and announcing every few minutes on the first day that he won’t entertain any politicians on the stage, made his credibility go down the dirty drain on second day [a] and flushed upon profusely.

Him jumping from the stage, asking followers to form a human chain around hum with innermost being ladies, and outer to be men, was a huge blow to his image and larger than he thinks it was or probably thought at the time it could ever be!
What? He couldn’t come to terms that he was going to get arrested for a peaceful protest or "SatyaGrah" as he had called it, pulling from Gandhi's protest? Didn’t he know that Gandhi knew that he could get arrested for it, and he did (I would say) every time he did it. Maybe Ramdev didn’t read his history right and just picked up a few words to use.

People say what police did was wrong. I disagree. I saw the whole media shoot of that night and didn’t see police lathi charge at any time, and I have this much faith in today's news channel that they wouldn’t miss such action at any costs.
What police did was to book; catch and throw out an attention seeker, a copy cat, who might have created trouble for the Indian capital.

a When the nation came to know that a deal had been made between Kapil Sibal and Baba's top management even before he sat for the so called 'Yog' camp
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