Plagiarising Sikh Youth

When a work of art Plagiarised.                      It's BAD.
When a work of religious art Plagiarised!        It's bad, and it is SAD.
That is what has been done by the people of Sikh Youth Club
They have taken a beautiful picture of Guru Gobind Singh ji in the forests of Machhiwara, and made it their own.
They simply:
  • removed the logo of,
  • got rid of artist's (Bhagat Singh Bedi) signature, and date of painting,
  • airbrushed it to look complete after changes,
  • removed leaves at the left bottom.

And as blasphemous as people can be, they inserted their own logo in there :\
These are the times, I wish India had a strict copyright system in place, so that an action could be taken against those responsible for such a blatant theft!
You be the judge and decide if the photos at:
You be the judge and decide if the photos at:
Image by Sikh Youth Club ----------------------------- Original SikhiArt
are any different from one another, other than the points I referred above?

Also occuring at:
Gurupurab Celebrations by Art

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